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After paddling in the sea in March I thought it was time to get out into the North Pennines what a surprize I was in for. Hail stones – yes – rain- yes – sleet – yes… but there was some sunshine.  Fortunately the ski pants I had bought in the January sales came in handy.  No, there was no snow but it was cold enough to!

For our first real outing of the season we tried the Tees Railway Path as traversed by ‘Julia’ in one of her programmes last year.  The frustrations of very muddy stretches and chained gates were relieved by an unexpected detour which took us into a lovely hostelry in Romaldskirk.  A warm fire and home-made soup helped restore the feeling to fingers and toes,  a large table to spread out the map and we had a revised plan for the return journey.  The old railway line had lots of cowslips, primroses and daffodils lining the way.  Spring lambs looked curiously at my mode of transport particularly my efforts to open the many gates (and close!) It was great to be back out on the land and appreciate the efforts that have been made to make these routes accessible.

April 2012

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  1. Eileen
    Eileen on 14/05/2012 at 17:07

    Tilly has travelled south to explore the landscape of the New Forest and ‘bravely’ faced the inhabitants. A group of large ponies / horses blocked my route back along a disused railway track; conveniently they looked perplexed but moved out of the way. Was that a pair of roe deer I saw scampering through the trees and then! Highland cattle! Big horns and long ginger coats are not what I expected to see in the New Forest. I ‘gingerly’ eased my way through them and trampered back to base …..all this in pouring rain.
    The following morning made the long journey worthwhile – a herd- flock what is the collective for fallow deer, were grazing outside my van. The sun was shining and remained so for the next three days. The visitors to the area around my van included two shetland ponies, the scary highland cattle, who proved to be very gentle, some larger New Forest ponies, loads of squirrels and many species of birds including my first siting of a jay who sat along side me for some minutes. It was like being on safari. I heard my first cuckoo of the year. All this and seeing several newly born foals made this holiday a truly memorable and a very enjoyable experience. Many thanks to Val of HR for helping me find my bearings.

  2. John Cuthbertson
    John on 04/05/2012 at 09:46

    What a brave old Tramper Tilly is. Hope to hear about more more of her travels soon


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