Blue Badge Wallet Warning


You are warned not to keep your Blue Badge in a plastic wallet.

Dorothy has reported this:

Urgent information from the Department for Transport

about Blue Badges Wallets


When using the Severn Bridge in August, I was required to remove my Blue Badge from its wallet.  Both the operator and myself found this very difficult to do because it was stuck to the plastic.  When on a ramble, the wallet on the dashboard is often subjected to very hot sun and this seems to make it stick, so I no longer keep my Blue Badge in the pocket of the wallet.


Disabled Motoring UK contacted the Department for Transport on this subject and printed the following reply in their latest magazine:


“The badge hasn’t been designed to be put in those wallets with the plastic cover.  The wallets are supplied and purchased privately.  We found out, however, last week that using them can damage the hologram on the new style badge.  The plastic heats up as you say and the hologram can stick to it, which means that it can come away when the badge is taken out.  We have amended the carrier letter that goes out with badges to warn people not to use these wallets with the new style badges, or at least not to cover the hologram with any sort of plastic cover.  We have also informed local authorities and whatever suppliers we could find on the Internet about the issue.”

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