Cross Country Wheelchair


People in the developing world have far less access to equipment than we are blessed with. A designer has produced a wheelchair which can go over rough terrain.  The first 200 will produced this month in India.

Leveraged Freedom Chair

Quote from the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) web site:

Mechanical Engineer Amos Winter wants to know: How do you redesign the wheelchair, an essential aid for millions, to be even better, more affordable, adaptable for the developing world, and able to face any type of terrain or weather? The answer is: the Leveraged Freedom Chair. Integrating science, engineering and user-driven design, Winter has developed a wheelchair that uses arm-powered levers that yield surprisingly simple, highly effective mechanical results. Even better, cheap parts means the chair costs under £125 and can be repaired easily, even in rural communities where resources are scarce.

One Response to Cross Country Wheelchair

  1. Dorothy Dickens on 28/11/2012 at 19:18

    I’m very pleased that this project is going ahead as I heard about it some time ago. The key thing is ease of repair and so many in India have no way of getting about. Good luck with it!
    I’ve found that wheelchairs powered by levers are incredibly easier to push than the normal variety.
    Important for our Disabled Ramblers to note is that the tyres aren’t rugged enough for off-road in the UK and, in our experience, a trailing third wheel works much better on rocky surfaces and wet grass on hills than having a small castor in front, which can whip sideways and tip you out.

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