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Would you like to know when a new News item appears on the Disabled Ramblers website?  Then you might like to set up RSS on your computer. 

To use RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, you just need to download a small, free, program to your computer and then a notice will pop up onto your screen when a News item is added.

There are many programs to choose from. I’m using Feed Notifier which you can download from:

Once you have followed the instructions and downloaded & installed this program, you then get an icon in your system tray (the area at the bottom – right of your screen).  Right click on this and click on ‘Add Feed’ then enter:

Right clicking on ‘Preferences’ will open Feed Notifier and enable you to make changes to how, where and for how long you get the notice.


2 Responses to Getting Notified of New News

  1. daffy on 18/12/2012 at 23:13

    Users of the Firefox browser can do it even easier! In just 3 clicks.

    1) Click on the orange and white icon to the right of any page on the web site.

    2) on the next page, Click on the ‘Subscribe now’ button.

    3) click ‘Subscribe’ on the subsequent popup.

    4) there is no step 4! You completed the subscription at step 3.

    So now ‘Disabled Ramblers’ appears on the toolbar across the top of the browser and clicking on it reveals a clickable list of the latest stories posted on the Disabled Ramblers news page.

  2. Celia on 13/12/2012 at 19:22

    I also downloaded Feednotifier on my Mac. The icon goes into Launchpad and when the message comes through you can go into the Notifier (part of Mountain Lion) on the right of the top bar and click on the message which will take you straight to the webpage.

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