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Urgent message about stealth changes to sickness benefit assessment


I am sorry to write to you on two successive weeks, asking you to contact your MP.  I am afraid that this message is even more urgent than the letter about PIP (disability benefit.) There is a Statutory Instrument (Regulations) before Parliament at the moment which will automatically become law on 28 January, if MPs do not stop it.  It purports to make small amendments to the way that claimants are assessed for ESA (the new sickness benefit), but in fact it alters the whole basis of the assessment.


There are some helpful provisions in these Regulations relating to cancer patients.

Unfortunately the Regulations cannot be amended or partially implemented but have to become law (or not) in their entirety. They need to be stopped.


Your MP can make a difference. They can initiate or sign a Motion to annul these regulations.  If enough MPs make a fuss, the Government might withdraw these regulations. 


Please write to your MP immediately  as soon as you possibly can, asking him or her to help. A suggested letter from the Spartacus website is attached for you to adapt.

Urgent-letter-for-MPs-re-ESA-regulations-Jan-2013 (1)


More information from:


Please help stop these unfair regulations


love Caroline

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