Warwickshire Rambling


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It may not be as spectacular as other parts of the country but it’s home, so well worth exploring when not out and about with DR.
I’ve found some great places and at present I’m looking in one of the County’s most scenic areas, around Ilmington in the North Cotswolds close to Hidcote Gardens in Gloucestershire.

At present a walking friend and I go out about once a month and we would welcome others to join us.

Both walkers and scooter riders are very welcome. Any rambles we plan will be informal only and advertised here on the DR website.
Please note that these rambles will be unsupported. There will be no support unit with loan scooters, field toilet or rescue trailer.
To contact Eileen, please see your list of Regional Reps or contact the Rambles Organiser via the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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