Our Day Off


During a Ramble Tour, we programme in a day off to give us all a rest.

However, yesterday, instead of sunning on the beach, Robin and I took the loan scooters to Beamer, the  makers of the Tramper, to service them.

Loan Tramper Service 002

Not quite the same as having you car serviced.  Here, they supplied the parts to us and then we did the work in their yard.

Loan Tramper Service 006


Much of the work involved repairing or replacing the mudguards which tend  to get broken through careless driving . The photos above and below show us replacing them at a cost of £60 each.

Loan Tramper Service 010


Please help us to have a day off by being careful when driving a Loan Scooter

3 Responses to Our Day Off

  1. Val Rawlings on 07/07/2013 at 13:57

    What a great support team we have in DR. After doing reccys and rambles, towing and unloading trampers all week and all the other tasks involved in running a ramble they still dedicate their day off to the maintenance of the trampers. Both deserve a medal! Many thanks.

  2. Eileen on 06/07/2013 at 16:51

    Thanks John and Robin your work is much appreciated.

    • shirley on 07/07/2013 at 11:14

      am in total agreement Eileen, many thanks to you both.

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