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Now Sold. Mark 1 Tramper only £1000 for sale near Salisbury

I’ve been asked to advertise a Mark 1 Tramper on behalf of one of our long-standing members:

I am now 86 and have had to cease driving. Therefore I am less mobile and unable to attend DR meetings as my wife has no trailer for a tramper. This means I cannot unfortunately use the tramper which for some months now sits in the garage doing nothing. Probably battery is flat but could be charged.

It has been carefully maintained under garage cover, in good order. 

Bought 18.12.2004
Paid £5290
Last serviced 7.7.2009

Located near Salisbury

Asking price only £1,000

Now sold

(Please note that all adverts are the responsibility of the advertiser. The Disabled Ramblers show adverts as a service to our members but have no connection with the product. John C, web officer.)