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since 20/08/2014

Mk2 Tramper NOW SOLD near Rugby

Mk 2 Tramper


Now Sold Tramper MK 2

£1500 ono

Bought secondhand from Tramper in the summer of 2009. Used until May 2011; the owner went into hospital and was never well enough to use it again. Batteries were new when bought and have been kept fully charged. The Tramper is not DVLA registered. Can do 4/8 mph at the flick of a switch.

Commission number 000590

It is in good condition for its age. The tyres are hardly worn as most use has been on grass. Extras include swivel seat,  chrome bull-bar, teacup holder, speedo/odometer, additional fluorescent stickers, two wing mirrors although one is cracked, heavy duty cover.


Mk2 Tramper Mk2 Tramper Mk2 Tramper