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I thought I would like to share my recent experience in the New Forest in order to save any of our valued members suffering the same fate.  I was reccying a Regional Ramble to be held on 30thMay, a lovely route, albeit a little challenging and rutted in places.  I am known as being rather cautious and frequently admonish our more daring gentleman scooterists against going into deep water, or puddles.  However, in an attempt to get a little more ambitious I decided to try to wash off my very muddy Supersport wheels in a large puddle I was approaching.

It was a murky puddle, not clear as they are usually are and I should have realised by that sign what was going to happen, but in an attempt to “man up” I plunged into the water – up to the middle of my back wheels and over the footplate of Dora, my S/Sport.  I was horrified, got off as quickly as possible, ankle deep in murkiness, and much to my surprise Dora still beeped when I put her into reverse and I managed to get her out.

We continued on for about a mile, me thinking what a narrow escape I’d had and we stopped to assess which was the best way over a particularly muddy part of the route, whereupon Dora gave up the ghost!!  Luckily I had my PA with me, and he removed the seat, engine cover, and lid of the printed circuit casing and we saw it was all awash.  With the aid of loo roll and tissues we mopped up as much as possible from around the batteries and round the seat pillar,  but Dora refused to budge, with great perseverance and great heroism my PA then removed the printed circuit board itself, very fiddly with tiny screws, and water was underneath it too, he mopped it all up and dried the pc board as well as he could.

With fingers crossed we saw that the green light was now blinking green instead of red on the handlebars, and finally after much persuasion and patience, Dora agreed to move.  We were able to complete the ramble, with the prize of a huge ice cream as a comfort offering in the middle of Lyndhurst High Street.  When reaching home a hair dryer was used to completely dry off inside the circuit board and casing, and all seems well, fingers crossed.

This was a particularly stupid thing to do, and a lesson learnt!!  Many thanks to PA, Bob, and I shall now stay my usual cautious and wimpy self, creeping round puddles and up hills etc.  No more bravery for me.

 Val Rawlings

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2 Responses to A CAUTIONARY TALE!!!

  1. Jim & Dorothy Mills on 29/05/2014 at 21:27

    Sorry to hear about Dora’s swimming attempt! As owners of a super sport we have always been aware that the electronics are rather low down and vulnerable to water damage in deep water. It is not wimpy to avoid deep puddles but sensible action for all scooter owners to keep clear of any water that is likely to cover the thickness of the tyre. You were very fortunate to have a skilled colleague with you because on your own you would have been particularly vulnerable, even in good weather. That is one of the main advantages of going out in a group with disabled ramblers so that there are plenty of people to offer support & even fetch help if needed .
    Thanks for your article which does stress the dangers of being too reckless!!

    • John Cuthbertson on 29/05/2014 at 22:02

      Or get a Tramper 😉

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