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Chepstow Walkers are Welcome

Chepstow Walkers are Welcome

I was delighted to be invited to run a workshop on Access to the Countryside for the Disabled last Saturday 18th October for the annual get-together of “Walkers Are Welcome” towns for their AGM, rambles and workshops.

The delegates were very enthusiastic about encouraging the less able to visit their towns and several are in the process of making some of their footpaths accessible.

Several people asked for a copy of the presentation. It can be downloaded from DropBox as a Powerpoint 2013 presentation of  546Meg or a Powerpoint 09-2003 presentation of 33 Meg.

John Cuthbertson

One Response to Walkers are Welcome Towns’ Workshop

  1. Dorothy on 21/10/2014 at 20:59

    Thank you, John, for such an excellent presentation! You covered every aspect so thoroughly and I hope the participants took it all to heart.

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