Puncture Proof Tyres

Puncture Proof Tyres

Puncture Proof Tyres

A puncture while out rambling is most unwanted.

Beamer, the makers of the Tramper recommend OKO Puncture Free off road tyre sealant which costs £12 for 1250ml

TGA sell their own branded sealant at £10 for 300 ml 


However, one of our members thought you might be interested to know about these tyres:

“We have had constant problems with punctures in the front wheels of our Tramper mainly from thorns after hedge cutting in our rural environment.

We have not found the tyre injection solutions prevent the problem.


In case other members have suffered the same I wish to share our experience in securing puncture proof tyres

We have tested these over a short period and they are working well both on hard surfaces where we find they make the steering smoother and in mud and rough ground where they seem identical to pneumatic tyres.


We are delighted to have front tyres that are not ever going to go down and we can avoid carrying a footpump around with us and stop worrying about getting marooned when totally off road !”


They are supplied by :

Puncture Proof Tyres
21 Keatley Ave,
Tile Cross,
B33 0DE

Tel : 0121 243 3687

Email: info@greenshredder.co.uk  



Puncture Proof Tyres

Puncture Proof Tyres

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