Southern Regional Rambles Christmas Meal


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This year 10 of us met at The New Forest Pub in Ashurst, New Forest for our traditional Crimbo get together.  We had reccied the venue during October when we did a ramble for the New Forest Walking Festival and knew the entrance to be nice and flat so ideal for wheelchairs.  We had a panic initially when it seemed that there was no parking left in the car park but Bob became the Car Park Supervisor and everyone was able to get in somewhere, somehow!!  Panic over, let the festivities begin!

The food was very good and the service excellent and during the meal we had a lovely surprise when Mary Grant phoned from America to send her best wishes and was able to have a chat with Rosie.  We presented Arthur with a trophy cup in gratitude for all he does for the group.  He always brings one of his spare scooters if needed and is unfailingly helpful and cheerful, so we felt a gesture to show our appreciation would be a very good idea!  A nice moment at the end of the meal.  Again, so nice for people who don’t meet that often to get together in super surroundings to enjoy good food and company.

Thanks to all who were able to come and particularly those who travelled such a long way – it is very much appreciated.  Happy Christmas and here’s to an exciting season ahead for our regional rambles during 2015.  One thing I forgot to say at the meal was a special thanks to Colin (LP) who is often our only walker and is invaluable to us – he is chief gate opener and pusher-out of mud type activities!  Thanks Colin, you are a gem!

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