Chicken Wire Hazard Removed


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Have you come across chicken wire on board-walks? It has been used to reduce the chance of people slipping.  However, it soon breaks and sharp pieces stick up causing injury to children, dogs paws, and puncturing scooter tyres.

New member, David, had this problem in West Sussex.  He notified his council which promised to fix the problem. Today he sent this message and photos:

"Southwater Country Park Is Leading The Way In Scrapping Chicken Wire 
Around Horsham. Today I had a feeling I should get to Southwater don`t 
know why just did, its a long ramble about 11 miles. I had a disabled 
friend visiting so I loaned him my spare Mini Crosser and off we went in 
V muddy conditions. I could not believe my luck the sun actually came 
out after a solid week of heavy rain.
  So we arrive At Southwater Country Park & omg they are only working on 
the Chicken wire, 3 guys hard at it. I let them know that I was the one 
that called it in and then got some pics of them and the upgrades. Wow 
they are removing the thin chicken wire and replacing it with heavy duty 
steel mesh, not only that they have left doggy paths down the edge, 
Everything I suggested has been done : )"
If you find this problem in you area, please try to contact those responsible for its upkeep as David has done.
Thanks David and well done!


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