Jane Brittain


Jane Brittain

Jane Brittain passed away on 24th March 2016. 

She was a practising Solicitor when in August 1984 she was knocked off her bike and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. It didn’t stop her doing many things including travelling around the world including trips to Japan, South Africa, Russia and America.

She achieved a unique double. She has been to every Racecourse in Britain and seen every Shakespeare play live. Perhaps her greatest love was walking her dogs usually in Sutton Park but also on most of the accessible trails in Britain.

Annual holidays in York and Norfolk meant that she could explore those areas thoroughly and I was lucky enough to accompany her on all these trips.

Jane found The Disabled Ramblers several years ago and has been on many of the rambles when her busy schedule allowed.

Phil Jordan (Jane’s partner)


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