Gate Fixed!


In Horsham, West Sussex, Val, Bob Paula & David met with Councillors and Riverwalk organisers on the 21st April to discuss the tricky wooden gateway. Those that came on Horsham Riverwalk last year might remember this tricky gate near Littlehaven Station and some scooters even needed a manual bump around the corner from a strong friendly River Walker.

Gate fixed 1

The meeting goes well with lots of ideas and options on the table. Val asks can the ends be
removed, the Riverwalk organiser would like to remove the whole thing. We jokingly offer to hook up all the scooters and pull it down.

Gate fixed 3

Paula and Bob have a go at the tricky gate on a 3 & 4 wheel, Bob’s Supersport navigates it well
but the mini crosser was a very tight fit with its larger turning circle and bigger body. It is agreed
by all on-looking that the gate is and will be a problem for the bigger Trampers on Riverwalk day.

Gate fixed 5

The result of the meeting is fantastic, Horsham council have done it already, the gate has been
sorted, the two ends have been completely removed and scooters now pass through with ease.

Gate fixed 7

This year’s Riverwalk on Saturday 16th July will be very scooter friendly.
Many thanks to the Riverwalk Team and the Horsham Council.

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