DR Rescue Man From Hillside


The Disabled Ramblers set out from Bissoe Bike Chain and rambled along the Cornish Coast-to-Coast path to the Poldice Valley.  During our return after lunch, at about 14:15, we heard cries for help coming from the hillside above.  Five of our walkers scrambled up loose scree to find out what was happening.  A man, Paul Lane, had slipped while out walking his friend’s dog.  He was hidden by trees and so took some finding. Paul said that there was the sound of a crack from his leg when he fell.  He had tried to crawl to the track but couldn’t make it.

We phoned for an ambulance which we directed to the nearest point on the track in the valley.  The ambulance people then tried to work out how to get to Paul.  One pair set out in their 4×4 to try to reach from above. A member of DR escorted the other pair on foot up the scree to Paul where they diagnosed a fractured leg.

The ambulance people had no way of getting Paul from the hillside, 150 metres above the track.  No helicopter was available due to fog at their base.

Our Rescue Trailer was called for by radio and a steep and rough track was found to bring it to Paul. After transferring Paul to our trailer, the ambulance people descended and left us to bring Paul down the track. We brought Paul right up to the ambulance and they departed.

Many thanks to all those helping with the rescue – and to the rest of the group waiting patiently.

We wish Paul a speedy recovery.

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