Ramp Built In Horsham Ready For The 2016 Riverwalk Scooter Convoy.


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At first glance the step at The Millennium Foot Bridge on Horsham Riverwalk may not look like a problem for off road scooters.

A while back David invited Paula, Val & Bob for a Riverwalk scouting trip, we had 2 Mini Crossers 2 Supersports along that day. The testing on the new Scooter Friendly Riverwalk went fine until this bridge, see first photo.  So whats the big problem with getting up this little tiny step we all wonder ?  Its a strange & unusual situation here. If you look closely it is a degraded loose stone ramp that has been washed out over time, this stone ramp heads up to a small step, then there is a small concrete ramp heading on up to the bridge itself. All these things combined makes the slow increasing angle with the added bump at the top very uncomfortable and even dangerous for scooters, with the prospect of flipping over backwards quite worrying. At a meeting about another part of Riverwalk I had a word about the bridge and a fix date was organized.

So Today 07 / 07 / 2016  I, David,  was invited to see work in progress and to test the brand new ramp almost V.I.P style without the ribbon : )  My Mini Crosser made a good roller too. What a difference the new ramp was & such a pleasure to drive up.

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The wooden board will be removed come Riverwalk day once the dry mix cement has set. I met some lovely people today most  of them volunteers not only working on the bridge but clipping brambles to widen the paths. This is just one of many improvements happening to The Scooter Friendly Horsham Riverwalk.  A Huge thanks to all involved…..Horsham Council  & Wardens, The Wonderful Volunteers @ Horsham Green Gym and Horsham Riverwalk Team.


SO Fellow DR`S – We in Sussex hope to see and meet lots of you on Horsham Riverwalk Day Sat 16 July – 2016

Sign up & get details with Val on 07818 245156 (valerie@rawlings-family.org.uk)



David Leadbetter

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