*Bredon Hill from Kemerton


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Were we all mad? The remnants of Hurricane Ophelia were about to hit us with winds of up to 50 mph expected and yet we were heading up to the summit of Bredon Hill. Situated in Worcestershire on the side of the Severn Valley, the southwesterly winds had nothing to stop them from sweeping us off the hill. 

Setting out from Kemerton, near to the village of Bredon, Andy had changed the route to avoid going through woodland near to the summit.  We still had the very rough and steep hill to contend with which took our minds off the impending doom brought on by the orange sun hanging in the strangely coloured sky. It turned out this this was due to the hurricane having sucked up sand from the deserts and ash from the wild fires currently devastating much of Spain.

In the end, although it was very windy on the top we were able to find shelter for our lunch stop behind the ramparts of Kemerton Camp, an Iron Age hill fort.  We even managed to put up the toilet tent for those brave enough to use it.

  Thanks Andy for a memorable day on the hill.

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