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*Tramper Mk 1 Now Sold in West Sussex

NOW SOLD This Mk 1 Tramper is in good condition, in spite of its age.
The bonnet is undamaged (dark green).  The front mudguards are perfect, the back ones with one or two small cracks, which have been reinforced with PVC plates welded on the back, otherwise they are undamaged.
It is in full working order, with all the lights etc. working. The original rear lights and indicators  have been replaced with LED units, very bright, and less drain on the batteries.
Has recently been used on a daily basis.
The batteries are MK, recommended  by Beamer for the Tramper, they are not new, but have plenty of life left in them. The seat is good, but there are two small patches on the back of the same fabric (visible in  picture).
This one is a 4 mph or 6 mph version.
A good number of Disabled Rambler members are still using Mk 1 Trampers. I still think the Mk 1 is easier to control than any of the later ones.  Anyone would be welcome to come and try it.
NOW SOLD (in 3 days!)
Price £950.