*Sue Jeffery


I’m so sorry to have to tell you that my dear friend and neighbour, Sue Jeffery, died at 11:00 last night. The Jeffreys and the Kemps discovered Disabled Ramblers about ten years ago, as walkers in support of our friend Steve. Later we stayed on in his memory and then because we loved DR.

Sue and Ted would always lend a hand with anything – towing loan scooters, wrestling with the toilet tent, bringing spare waterproofs or hand warmers for other members to use – and always in the front line for pushing people through tricky spots…mud or no mud.

When Sue began to get ill, Ted adapted her TGA to look remarkably like a Harley and they started fund-raising for DR. Each year they raised hundreds of pounds by having a big anniversary barbecue in their garden and invited the neighbours in exchange for a donation to DR. The parties would go on to the small hours but it didn’t matter because all the neighbours were there.

Sue and Ted were the first people to renew membership this year and even when she was very ill Sue hoped she’d manage one more ramble. But it’s not to be – and I’m not the only one who will miss Sue very very much.


Our thoughts at the moment must be with Ted – and if you have a message for Ted or to put on our Obituaries page under ‘Members Only’ please send it via chairman@disabledramblers.co.uk 

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