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*Mk2 Tramper Now Sold in Carmarthenshire

Now sold is my late dad’s tramper. He was the only owner, and used it to go about the place bird watching.


Mk2 tramper, one careful owner, black, in excellent condition.

With special handbars (to make them easier to reach if your seat is reclined).

First registered 2007 Reg: Q35 WCY. Serial number 000496.

Always stored in a garage plugged in to the charger so batteries are in good condition.

When transported it was in a fully sealed trailer (not open to the elements).

Serviced a few years ago, and has only done a few local road trips since as my dads health deteriorated.


Featured on the cover of Mobilise magazine!



£3250 o.n.o.


Now Sold

Thank you.