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*Mk1 Tramper Now Sold in Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway.

Now Sold: Mk 1 Tramper, class 3 mobility scooter

Chassis Number: 000214

Colour: Black

Accessories: Walking stick holder and rear-view mirror (not shown fitted)

One previous owner. The Tramper was serviced annually by Beamer engineers. It was kept garaged throughout its life and on trickle charge. It still has the original high-capacity battery that was a feature of the Mk 1, which is in excellent condition, delivering many hours of operation (this was my Mum’s and she never succeeded in draining the battery, even on long days out in the Highlands)

There is a crack in one of the mudguards and some minor corrosion around the footplate. The right-hand side arm-rest has separated from the metal frame slightly. Beamer engineers fitted a new reinforced battery cage about 3 years ago.

All the lights and electrics (except the horn) work.

The price also includes a purpose made tramper car trailer, complete with security strop, spare wheel inner-tube, hitch-lock and a custom made, heavy-duty, water-proof cover (blue). This was a recent purchase and is in excellent condition.

This Tramper belonged to my late mum. I bought it for her in September 2003 after she developed MS. It was an absolute god-send, as it allowed he to carry on enjoying all the things she loved to do – gardening, bird-watching and exploring the highlands. Along with the trailer it cost £5310 in 2003.

Price: £2100 ono (this includes the trailer and all listed accessories)

Now Sold