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*Angela Wynn, May 2018

I’m sorry to have to tell you of the death of Angela Wynn in May this year. She was a remarkable person, very much involved in the creation of the Fladbury easy Access Path, which starts and ends at her home.

David has sent the following message:
‘Angela was such a support to me and came as a walker so that I could go to rambles.
Although we had problems with her when climbing long steep slopes she still persevered and was so proud on the day that she walked 8 miles. Angela was 82 when she died, we had almost 51 years together, and had lived at Fladbury Mill for more than 41 years. Her great love was the 20/21 British Art Fair which she and her business partner created about 30 years ago to promote British Art, and this Fair was held annually for most of its time at the Royal College of Art, in London. The last Fair was held last year at The Mall Gallery’s in London before she retired. She loved London and the countryside and is sadly missed.’

Angela was David’s driver but he’d like to go on rambling and may be able to come out with us again when modifications are completed on his car.

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