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*April 19 National Ramble – Beacon Hill, Leicestershire

Beacon Hill                For more photos, click here

 On Thursday a large group of members set off on a bright sunny but rather cold day, which warmed up as the day went on.  We travelled around the park through the woodlands, which boasts one of the highest points in Leicestershire and has spectacular views of Charnwood Forest and the Soar Valley.

Our coffee break was under the trees before continuing to Beacon Hill for our lunch where there were picnic tables and BBQ’s.

After lunch we headed towards the Beacon for a photo call, with fantastic views overlooking over the countryside.  Coming down from the Beacon we passed large rock formations which enthralled many of the group.  We continued through the park passing many wood carvings and llamas in the fields. We then had a very busy road to cross with the help of our volunteers, over to Broombriggs Farm and Windmill Hill where some went up the rocky track to the windmill to admire the views whilst others chose to wait at the bottom.  Downhill then into the village of Woodhouse Eaves and along the footpath to the farm gate where we went back into the fields and up the hill. Heading back to the road to cross again before returning to the car park. Judy