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*April 19 National Ramble – Bradgate Park, Newton Linford, Leicestershire

Bradgate Park           For more photos, click here

Today Michael Miller, friend of member Chris Southwood, joined us and he told us about the history of the area as we rambled alongside the River Lin.  Soon we left the road climbing up a grassy track, where the deer were behind the remains of Bradgate House. Our coffee break was at the visitor centre where there I met Peter Tyldesley, Director of Bradgate Park and told him about Disabled Ramblers.

We continued on turning left uphill onto a rugged track overlooking Cropston Reservoir with wonderful views over the surrounding countryside, bathed in sunshine.

We went into the Memorial Wood, an area for reflection, where beautiful bronze leaves are displayed on wooden posts and can be inscribed with a dedication to a loved one.

Lunch at Hallgates, where the Rangers came to open the gate for us to access the disabled toilets.  We were also joined by a professional photographer who asked if we would like photos taken for the Bradgate Newsletter.

After lunch we started the very steep, rugged climb up towards Old John, a landmark which can be seen for miles.  This took its toll on one of the smaller scooters which overheated and had to be towed to the foot of Old John.  After a short break the scooter cooled down enough for us all to continue back to the car park.