*Langford Lakes Trampers

Disabled Ramblers have loaned a couple of their old Trampers.  These have been replaced this year and were surplus to our requirements. 

I have been working with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust for the last few months.  They are keen to find out how to make their reserves easier for the less able, they had been thinking about getting Trampers for the use of their visitors at Langford Lakes.  The committee offered our old scooters on a loan basis.

Pete and I went over on Thursday to hand them over and show Steve, the reserve manager how they work.  DR is very keen to promote making the countryside more accessible for all and this is a perfect opportunity.  Langford Lakes has a vast array of wetland birds and for all the twitches out there, it is definitely worth a visit.  It is also where our AGM on the 19th May is being held.  On the day, we will be given a short tour of the reserve.


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