*Helping the FC understand Access Options

Senior staff from the Forestry Commission met yesterday (23/4/2019) at the National Land Access Centre, Aston Rowant. Staff included their Recreation Manager, the Head of Marketing & Supporter Development, the Head of Marketing Channels and Supporter Development, their Learning Manager, their Technical Recreation Adviser and their Marketing & Communications Manager.  

The site visit was to get a greater understanding of access structures and the British Standard for Gaps, Gates and Stiles in order to push forward accessibility of the countryside for all across the Forestry Commission estate.

The Disabled Ramblers loaned a Tramper and Arthur lent out his own Tramper to the Forestry staff.  Arthur said, “I was very pleased that all members of the Forestry Commission staff had a go on a Tramper. We can talk at great length about access and the benefits of using a Tramper but it is not until they actually get on one and have a go that they really appreciate what they can do.  Using a Tramper really opens up the opportunities for the less able to enjoy the countryside.  It was really useful to have two Trampers available so that everyone could have a go at getting through the structures in the limited time available”.


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