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*May19 – Regional Ramble – Bluebells in Angmering, West Sussex

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Southern Regional Rambles – Angmering Bluebell Ramble – Friday 3rd May 2019.

In spite of a bad weather forecast our ramble day dawned cloudy but dry, we were lucky to have the use of the overflow “bluebell” car park which made it much easier to park and unload, so 9 of us departed from Dover Lane up through the fields to the beautiful beech woods to see the carpets of bluebells.  We had a really super crowd along for this ramble and it was a very nice atmosphere all day. The beech trees were resplendent in fresh green spring foliage and made a pretty sight with the blue carpet of bluebells beneath, Roger commented that he’d like to come in the Autumn as it would be equally spectacular with the changing colours.

The route is through the Angmering Estate woods, on public bridleways and paths, but it can be extremely muddy.  Fortunately, with the dry weather recently we didn’t encounter much mud at all, instead we had really hard, rutted, uneven areas which bounced us about a bit from time to time, but the intrepid gang managed without a single moan.  We stopped for coffee near a lovely little coppice where Bob and I got stung by bees on our reccy the day before the ramble, so we kept well away from the bee hives this time. We travelled onward along a little byeway (usually a sea of mud, but now bumpy and quite difficult in places) to the racing stables with their beautiful horses.  It’s a lovely estate with a grand house overlooking from the top of a hill. Also on the reccy we saw a kestrel eating its lunch on the path ahead of us, it flew up onto a branch and continued its feast while we watched from the path below. We didn’t see it again on the ramble but did see a few deer running through the woods. One super surprise was from Jadzia and Simon in the form of a delicious Apple Cake which Jadzia had baked the evening before, really tasty – thanks very much, nothing like home made cake.  

Thanks to all who attended, we had a good turnout – 12 altogether, but 3 cancellations – so we were very pleased.  Don’t forget – if you know a good route you’d like to share get in touch with and enjoy a really super day out with fellow DRers.

Val and Bob.