*August 19 Regional Ramble – Elvaston Castle

Elvaston Castle

We set off on our first Saturday ramble in glorious sunshine alongside the Elvaston Castle lake, with the walkers jumping over, scooter riders driving through, the large puddles left from the heavy rain the day before. The further we went the drier it became and we enjoyed our coffee alongside the weir where the waters were ‘boiling’ with severity and a local told us he had never seen the River Derwent so high.  We continued for a while and then stopped to pick some blackberries along the lane before returning to the Castle grounds for our lunch break near to the castle.  After lunch we continued, passing the Italian and English Gardens to the Golden Gate for a photo call, before heading back through the woodlands and pausing for our afternoon break on the opposite side of the lake watching the ducks and geese.  Judy Cunningham

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