*August 19 National Ramble – Okehampton, Heart of Dartmoor

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Today 12 members of DR joined the Cornwall Rolling Ramblers and WAGS led by the Moorland Guides set off from high up over the town of Okehampton, on a bright sunny day with a brisk wind, into the hills. The higher up we went the more stunning the views became. Our first challenge was a fast-flowing ford which everyone negotiated carefully under the supervision of the leaders.  Before lunch there was a long steep hill up to the top where we sheltered close to a barn owing to the high, gusty wind and I had visions of the toilet tent making its own descent back to the car park but fortunately the straps held securely. We were joined during lunch by a very unusual tracklaying vehicle which caused a stir and many photos.  Shortly after setting off from lunch one of the trampers developed a rear wheel puncture.  As the leaders couldn’t repair it Bernard and 2 others walked the tramper back to the car park and the scooter rider changed onto the spare tramper taken for just such an incident. I would like to thank the leaders for all their efforts in producing the 4 days of rambles for us.  Judy


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