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Tramper Stolen

Tramper Stolen

Tramper serial number 13X001273‏ has been stolen. If you are offered a Tramper for sale, please check the serial number and  if you at all suspicious contact the police and Beamer (the makers of the Tramper) and let me know by email to It has a black front and was new in June 2013. […]

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Benefit Changes


Benefit changes   This is a time of change.  New sickness and disability benefits are replacing old ones. The rules of qualification have recently changed radically: it is more difficult to qualify for the new benefits. The new legislation is on-line, but you need to know what it all means in plain English and how it […]

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Emp & Spt Allowance


An Early Day Motion asking for the ESA Amendment Regulations to be stopped has been tabled by Caroline Lucas. It is EDM 947. This is a first step towards stopping the regulations.   If you have already sent a letter to your MP about the ESA regs, please forward it to him or her again, […]

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Dear friends   Urgent message about stealth changes to sickness benefit assessment   I am sorry to write to you on two successive weeks, asking you to contact your MP.  I am afraid that this message is even more urgent than the letter about PIP (disability benefit.) There is a Statutory Instrument (Regulations) before Parliament at […]

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DLA replaced by PIP


Dear friends,   I hope that you do not mind me contacting you. As Disabled Ramblers, many of us rely on Disability benefit, currently DLA, to keep us mobile. This is being replaced by Personal Independence Payments. I just want make sure that everyone is aware of what is happening, whether or not  you decide to […]

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Blue Badge Wallet Warning


You are warned not to keep your Blue Badge in a plastic wallet. Dorothy has reported this: Urgent information from the Department for Transport about Blue Badges Wallets   When using the Severn Bridge in August, I was required to remove my Blue Badge from its wallet.  Both the operator and myself found this very […]

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