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  • Mk2 Tramper in Cumbria Now Sold

    MK 2 TRAMPER (8mph model) SOLD Purchased new in 2010 Serviced and used untill 2013 Battery and body in good condition Right Hand Mirror, Rear seat bag, Right Hand twist […]

  • Mk2 Tramper NOW SOLD near Rugby

      Now Sold Tramper MK 2 £1500 ono Bought secondhand from Tramper in the summer of 2009. Used until May 2011; the owner went into hospital and was never well […]

  • Nearly New Tramper Now sold in Hampshire

    Six month old Black Tramper Mk2B for sale Now Sold. Bought September 2013 so still under warranty and used only a handful of times on grassy tacks. Immaculate condition with […]

  • NOW SOLD – Mark 2 Tramper in South Herefordshire

    Regularly serviced Tramper bought in 2007. Comes with walking stick holder and heavy-duty cover.  Also a leg cover/blanket to keep you warm. Complete with manual and charger.   £2750 or […]

  • Mk2 Tramper For Sale in Cumbria – Now Sold

      Beamer Tramper Mark II Class 3 scooter for sale, Great used condition. Just 5 years old at the end of February. Serviced by Tramper yearly. New front tyres and batteries (original Tramper […]

  • Now Sold. Mark 1 Tramper only £1000 for sale near Salisbury

    I’ve been asked to advertise a Mark 1 Tramper on behalf of one of our long-standing members: “I am now 86 and have had to cease driving. Therefore I am […]

  • Now Sold: Mk 1b Tramper for sale in South Wales

    This is a Mark 1b Tramper which means it has the bodywork of a Mark 1a with the electronics and motor of a Mark 2. So it will go at […]

  • Mk2 Tramper Now Sold


  • Mk 1 Tramper Now sold

    FOR SALE  £1000  Now only £750 as I must sell it soon! Now sold Mark 1 Tramper number 219 built 2003. All round good condition – tyres, batteries, bodywork etc with […]

  • Tramper ‘Up North’ NOW SOLD

      Mk 2 Tramper, purchased October 2007 Situated in North-West -Manchester Good condition although slight cosmetic damage -front right mudguard and head rest (see photo) Serviced yearly up until 2012 […]

  • Tramper for sale Mk2 – Now SOLD

        I have a Beamer Tramper Mark II Class 3 scooter for sale, purchased in 2011. My husband used it to do a 5 km round trip on a tarmac mountain […]

  • Three Wheel Tramper for sale -(NOW SOLD)

    Angela is selling her TWS – Tramper Three Wheel Scooter: ———— The tramper is red/burgundy in colour, is a year old, has hardly been used, maybe a dozen times if […]

  • Mk1 Tramper -(NOW SOLD)

    Bought new in 2002, but health has been downhill ever since!  Run up driveway to keep fettled. Mk1. 6mph model.  Comes with battery charger. Deep green(BRG) colour as per picture. Tyres as new- done […]

  • Tramper for Sale -(NOW SOLD)

    Tramper MkII All-Terrain Mobility Scooter (near Bridgwater)   £3,500    The Tramper all-terrain scooter A class 3 cross country buggy for less able people Very Good condition, some minor cosmetic […]

  • Three-Wheel Tramper Now Sold

    Hello-I have a new Three Wheel Tramper bought from Beamer mid Feb 2013. Any offers? Could deliver or can be seen in North Cornwall- Thanks. Please contact:

  • Mark 2 Tramper -(NOW SOLD)

    Mark 2 Tramper for Sale. Purchased January 2008. Good condition. Used regularly for dog walks. Has stick holder and has had a waterproof canopy added to it. Based in Cambridgeshire. […]

  • Tramper – only £750 -(NOW SOLD)

    David has to sell his Tramper and so has reduced the price. Mark 1 Tramper. 4 mph. Approximately 10 years old but in good working order and serviced regularly. Good […]

  • Mk1 Tramper -(NOW SOLD)

    Mark 1 Tramper. 4 mph. Approximately 10 years old but in good working order and serviced regularly. Good batteries, wire fitted luggage basket, and waterproof cover. £1000 o.n.o.

  • Another MK 1 Tramper -(NOW SOLD)

    I have a Mk 1 Beamer Tramper + transport trailer for sale including new batteries, charger and cover. I’ve put it on Preloved at £3,000 ono but wondered if any […]

  • Mk1 Tramper for sale -(NOW SOLD)

    SOLD to the National Trust in the Lake District * Tramper Mark 1