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  • Mk2B Tramper Now sold in Hampshire

    Tramper model Series 2B.  It was first registered by Beamer on 29/10/12 and last serviced on 14/10/13 since which time it has not been used very much. It is Gray, […]

  • Mk2 Tramper & Trailer Now Sold in North Lancashire

    The vehicle is a  Beamer Tramper  Mark 2, Silver /Grey. Chassis No 000619, made about 8 years ago. It hasn’t been used much since it was bought in November 2011. […]

  • Mk1b Tramper Now Sold in Carlisle

    Silver/Charcoal Mk1b Tramper for sale.  The ‘b’ means it has the body plastics of a Mk1 but with the workings of a Mk2.  Switchable between 4 and 8 MPH Made […]

  • Mk2B Tramper and Trailer Now Sold -Somerset

    MkIIB Tramper and trailer-Somerset This Tramper comes in black complete with handbook and many other accessories. It is in good condition, the only blemishes are a few white marks on […]

  • MK1 Tramper Now Sold in West Yorkshire

      Mk1 Tramper scooter Now sold. Manufactured on 24.08.2001 and Mk 1. Tramper number 67. Yellow. Good condition. I am the only owner. Tried approx. 2 months since on a long hilly […]

  • Mk2 Tramper Now Sold in Devon

      MkII Tramper (VIN/Chassis No. 000984) in Silver. Purchase new in 2010. Used regularly on and off road. A good, clean and very reliable Tramper. Batteries have been replaced and […]

  • Mk2b Tramper Now Sold in Somerset

    NOW SOLD 6 month old Beamer Tramper Mk ll B Purchased brand new from Beamer Tramper in October 2014. Brought for £6,000. The scooter is in Silver. Extras are; Tramper […]

  • Mk2 Tramper NOW SOLD in Devon

    Mark 2 Tramper no 000477 Grey two sets of lights on the front Battery in good condition always on charge Bodywork all good and clean All wheels filled with self […]

  • Mk2 Tramper Now Sold South Coast

    Tramper Mk2 all terrain mobility scooter black I am selling my lovely Tramper to afford to buy another piece of equipment, it was built by Beamer in 2007, it has […]

  • Mk2B Tramper in Manchester NOW SOLD

      As new, an immaculate Tramper Mk ll B for sale . NOW SOLD Purchased brand new from Beamer Tramper in June 2014 for a total of £5,859 as the […]

  • Mk1 Tramper Now Sold

    Mark 1 Tramper for sale. SOLD Two speeds;  6 MPH top speed.  Two owners.  Limited usage due to ill health. £600 spent since purchase in Spring 2014: Beamer service, new […]

  • Low-Ratio Mk2 Tramper NOW SOLD in Lancashire

      2008 Mk2 Tramper  – For Sale in Lancashire NOW SOLD This Tramper has recently been fitted with a new motor and rear axle. This modification is an upgrade to […]

  • Mk2b Tramper Now Sold in Berkshire

    Now SOLD Barely used silver Mk.2B tramper with extras.  Made in 2010, it is fitted with twin twistgrips and a cane/crutch holder, comes with rain cover although has always been garaged.   […]

  • Mk 1 Tramper in Dorset Now Sold

    This is a fabulous all-terrain mobility vehicle which was bought through Beamer Uk- if you’re new to the Tramper phenomenon you might want to look at some of the awesome […]

  • Mark 2 Tramper NOW SOLD in Isle of Man

    SOLD Mark 2 Tramper.  Purchased July 2011 Used only 5 times It has been on trickle charge all the time that I have had it. Only 26 miles on the […]

  • Three Wheel Tramper Now Sold in Sussex

    Beamer Tramper TWS Class 3 – For Sale – Now Sold Comes with: Full V5 Log Book Road Tax Disc (until Feb 2015) 2 x Ignition Keys User Manuel Charger […]

  • Mk2 Tramper now Sold in Wells-next-the-Sea

    Mk2 Tramper SOLD in Wells-next-the-sea, Norfolk It was first registered on the 08/07/2011, the receipt is shown as a second hand purchase on the 12/07/11 from D.G.Marketing with a C.W.Carry all, […]

  • Mk2 Tramper & Trailer Now SOLD in Bournemouth

    MK 2 Tramper and Trailer for sale in Bournemouth. It was made in 2007. It’s had one owner. The condition is fine and the batteries are kept charged by the […]

  • Mk2 Tramper Now Sold in Essex

      NOW SOLD New October 2011. The seller says: “My father used the Tramper in the local area (Essex coast just north of Maldon) from then until he died in […]

  • Mk 2 Tamper now sold

    Mk2 Tramper bought secondhand from a SW dealer about 6 months ago and used to transit from home to a field 300m away daily. Manufactured 1/4/2009 It’s in excellent condition. […]