2014 Wayland’s Smithy & Mike’s Wood

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  1. Val Rawlings on 08/08/2014 at 12:24

    I’d like to reinforce Jim’s comments. For me, this was a really special ramble. To be on the Ridgeway, an ancient byway used by many of our ancestors, seems to provoke an atmosphere all of its own, and to be surrounded by the golden fields of wheat, barley and whatever crops they were, was absolutely wonderful. The views and feeling of space was terrific, I get the same feeling when going cross country to Stonehenge. It’s all in the vibes!!! Thanks, John. Waylands Smithy, too, was so unexpected an oasis in the middle of the countryside and such history associated with that too. A super crowd of DR members made it a very special day to remember Mike.

  2. Jim & Dorothy Mills on 05/08/2014 at 19:23

    Congratulations to John Cuthbertson for a great ramble in beautiful scenery. We had a very well supported gathering of 21 buggies with another 14 helpers / walkers . John had arranged for the local National Trust manager to accompany us as well to address us every so often on the interesting parts of the Ashdown House estate which they manage. The going was category 3 but much of it was easy to walk or ramble on & there were always strong helpers available to assist scooters over the more challenging rutted stretches.
    It was so good to see so many happy smiling faces – see photos taken by John. It is not always easy to manage large gatherings so well done everyone for following instructions & keeping the group moving!
    This was our last ramble of the year so a great one to keep in mind while we wait for next year’s programme.

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