Ramble Routes

Attending a Ramble

Travel and finding accommodation is your responsibility.

Members receive details of rambles at the beginning of the year.  This gives the nearest town so that you can organise accommodation.  Once you have decided  to attend a ramble, please contact the Ramble Bookings officer (you can do this by using the ‘Contact Us’ page.)  If you want the use of a loan scooter, this needs to be arranged at the same time.
You will receive joining instructions near to the date of the ramble.

Many of our rambles are grouped into ‘Tours’. This enables you to have a one or two week holiday in one area without too much travel.  Rambles are run on two or three successive days followed by a break of a day or two to recover and move your accommodation location.  If you have time and energy to spare, then there are often National Trust or other properties in the local area which you might like to visit.

Rambles are usually between 5 and 8 miles in total  but there are exceptions. 


Let’s Go Rambling a comprehensive insight into rambling with us

Enjoy the Countryside publicity leaflet


Costs (in 2012 – held for 2013 and again for 2014!)

Rambles are only open to members because of insurance cover.
However you are welcome to join us on one ramble without being a member to find out if you enjoy it – and us!

  • Membership: £15 per year
  • Rambles: £8 a day. Helpers attend for free.
  • Loan scooters. An optional donation is appreciated to help cover operating and maintenance costs.

Ramble Categories:

Category 1  are fine for all wheel/powerchairs and scooters. Typical distance: 5 to 8 miles.

Category 2 may include natural surfaces and hills up to 1 in 8 and is suitable for determined/aided wheelchair users, plus powerchairs & scooters. Typical distance: 5 to 8 miles.

Category 3 means stretches of rough surfaces &/or steep hills, and is for heavier scooters. Typical distance: 4 to 8 miles.

Category 4 are by invitation only as they involve exploration of difficult, even impassible, trails and are only suitable for experienced riders on heavy duty scooters.  Acceptance is at the discretion of the Rambles Manager.  Typical distance 4 to 12 miles.

Full details of Ramble Categories



All our rambles are checked out by experienced members. Safety is paramount and the rambles are led by and experienced member.

As conditions change due to time of year, path closures, weather from moment to moment and a host of other reasons, the Disabled Ramblers will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage or injury sustained on attempting any of these routes.

See our Google Maps page for some starting points.




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