Policy Docs & Running a Ramble


Memorandum of Association of the Disabled Ramblers PDF Document

Articles of Association of the Disabled Ramblers PDF Document


Grading a ramble into Categories 1 to 3

Our categories are based on “By all reasonable means” (below).

Grading Rambles  


Ramble Report Form & Risk Assessment

If you would like to let us know of a prospective ramble, please complete the Ramble Report Form & Risk Assessment and email it to the Ramble Organiser at rambles@disabledramblers.co.uk

Ramble Report Form and Risk Assessment – JC 2014  Word Document 


Equal Opportunities Statement & Policy

DR Equal Opportunities Policy  PDF Document


Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults Policy

DR Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults Policy  PDF Document


Incident Report Form

To be used for near misses as well as actual incidents so that we can all learn from them

Disabled Ramblers Incident Report Form – JC 2014  Word Document



When organising rambles, the landowner sometimes needs sight of our Public Liability Insurance Certificate


Employers Certificate 



Conduct of a ramble

The ramble leader should brief the party using the Ramble Briefing Notes

Ramble Briefing Notes JC 2012 Word Document


Dogs on Rambles

Dogs are usually very welcome on rambles. However we ask the owner to be guided by the notes on Dogs on Rambles

Dogs on Rambles DR 2017   Word Document


Loading the Mobile Support Unit

Help with Loading and Unloading the MSU is appreciated.  This document helps you to know where is all goes

MSU Loading JC Issue 2 31-7-14 Word Document



By All Reasonable Means

A policy document from Natural England with input from the Disabled Ramblers. Our Categories are derived from this.

By All Reasonable Means  PDF Document


Rights of Way Improvement Plan

Another important document to help get easier access. From DEFRA

Rights of Way Improvement Plan  PDF Document


Accessible Gates

If asked about accessible gates you might find this site useful. Their Woodstock Large Mobility can be opened wide with a RADAR key






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