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Tramper in France 2


I have a Beamer Tramper Mark II Class 3 scooter for sale, purchased in 2011. My husband used it to do a 5 km round trip on a tarmac mountain road (we live in the French Pyrenées)  up to a plateau where we could see the wild flowers. He did this from March till mid October in 2011, twice a month on average but with the odd extra outing when his illness allowed.
The Tramper has lived inside the house, the batteries kept on charge, and as it was used so little and only on tarmac or grass it is in excellent condition; looks new.
It is fitted out with a lockable front storage area, headlights, hazard lights, indicator switch, horn. It copes well with slopes up to 1: 4 up, down or sideways. Full information on the Tramper website.
The extra accessories we purchased were:
double cane holder, rotating flashing beacon, picnic/storage bag for the back, and a swivel seat. There is also a cover for it which is unused as we never left the Tramper outside, but as the cover was stored in a shed, a mouse had a nibble at one corner of it – otherwise it’s fine!
 I have now transported the vehicle to Suffolk, where anyone interested can come see it and I have lowered the price  (transport not included)  to £4,100.
Anyone interested can email me at  and I’ll be happy to phone you for a chat about the vehicle.
Tramper in France 1

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