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*May 19 National Ramble -Stourhead

Wiltshire National Rambles – Stourhead   20.04.2019

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We started the ramble from the National Trust Stourhead car park.  Although the weather was meant to be wet, we were very fortunate to have a sunny day.  This was the first time I had led a national ramble and I was a little nervous to say the least.  We had a good turn out of 17 scooters and 12 walkers.

The first part was on a short bit of road.  We headed up onto the land surrounding the gardens and house.  Passing by a pretty water wheel and swans nesting.  The morning route took us up through the forestry up to King Alfred’s Tower.  We stopped here for lunch and photographs.  The tower was built to commemorate the ending of the 7-year war. Building started in 1769.  The name derived from King Alfred the Great and the location is meant to be on the site near to where Egberts stone was.  It is believed to be the spot when in 878 King Alfred rallied the Saxons to the battle of Ethundan.

After lunch we headed towards the Stourhead House.  On the way we went through a field of ewes and lambs, we were greeted very noisily by them, some were brave enough to take a peek of one of the Trampers.

We ended the ramble in front of the house.  Everyone had a good day and I had survived and found it to be an enjoyable and fun day.  Paula Brunt