• 2008 Llyn Llydaw
2024 Merrivale Tors

Friday 19-04-2024 Merrivale Tors. The morning ramble goes up (and then down) a steep hill to Little Mis and Great Mis Tors for amazing views. The afternoon was a flat rough grass walk to look at Bronze Age hut circles, stone rows and burial chambers.

2024 Granite Way

Thursday 18-04-2024 Granite Way. From Meldon Reservoir car park we joined the Granite Way then climbed steeply on grass to the summit of Sourton Tors. On our return we viewed the Meldon Viaduct and visited Meldon Reservoir.

2024 Bellever Forest

Tuesday 16-04-2024 Bellever Forest. The route begins by the River Dart and then goes uphill through the forest to open moorland. There are Bronze Age remains of stone houses, a burial chamber and stone rows along the route. The ramble ended with the presentation of the Wenman Trophy to Chris Southwood for her outstanding contributions to the work of the Disabled Ramblers.

2024 Okehampton Ring Road

Monday 15-4-2024. Okehampton Ring Road. Due to high winds, the route was shorter than normal. This is circular ramble following what is often called the ‘Okehampton Military Ring Road’ into the heart of Dartmoor. A very exposed route with a ford to cross. This road is part tarmac, part gravel some of it rocky and bumpy. This is an area used extensively by the military for army training and there are the remains of the old moving target railway line and Boer War redoubts. Some superb views across Dartmoor, a very quiet and tranquil spot often with only the sound of wind and birds.

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