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*May19 National Ramble – Shearwater to Heaven’s Gate

Shearwater to Heavens Gate – May 19

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Day 2 of the Wiltshire tour took us to Shearwater Lake on the Longleat Estate.  We had once again a good turnout of 17 scooters and 12 walkers. We also had beautiful weather and the sun made the lake and surrounding area look very pretty.

The ramble started by the lake and we then went up into the woods, where we found a nice spot for coffee. This was interrupted by a very large lorry carrying lots of logs.  We were all amazed at how the lorry managed to get down the small paths of the woods. After coffee we carried on up to the car park at Heavens Gate.

We carried on across the road into the start of the Capability Brown designed arboretum.  We stopped for a brief talk on Heavens Gate and the stone sculptures.  The sculptures were designed by Paul Norris for the Millennium.  Heavens Gate is the view point.  It shows amazing views over Longleat House and gardens as well as on a good day across to Somerset.  We were not disappointed.  We stopped there for lunch and to give everyone a chance to take photos.  After group photos and food, we headed back down through the woods.  Finishing up at the café, for coffees and cakes.  Thank you to all who helped to make this a fabulous day.  Paula