*September 19 Regional Ramble – Christmas Common

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Christmas Common

As we started the Christmas Common ramble it really felt like autumn though some people were in t shirts by the middle of the day.
In the very narrow and atmospheric sunken lane which formed the first section of our route we managed to encounter three oncoming vehicles and one horse and rider, however all was well and they got past our scooters with no problem.
Although the sunken lane made viewing the scenery challenging our in-house photographer did an excellent (if slightly heart stopping) job of getting some shots.
We were so hungry and thirsty that we didn’t make it to the planned lunch/ coffee stop, flopping instead in a field with beautiful views of rolling Oxfordshire farmland the minute we left the lane.
Our very able co-leader, Sheila from Henley and Goring Ramblers, who had kindly agreed to accompany us at short notice, was able to point out various landmarks in the distance including a farm which has been owned by the same family since Norman times.
Our actual lunch stop was taken in patchy sunshine with one very noisy flock of sheep behind us and a view of several much quieter ones in a field facing us.
The last section involved returning through woodland where despite Wednesday’s rain we managed to avoid getting stuck in mud so no towing was needed this time.
All in all everyone seemed to have had a very enjoyable ramble.  Lucy.

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