*September 19 National Ramble – Buccleuch Estate

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Bowhill House, Buccleuch Estate

We were met this morning by Michael, Learning & Engagement Ranger, who gave us some information on the area before we set off on our ramble in light rain. As we progressed uphill along Duchess Drive the rain intensified, and the fog came down so that we couldn’t see the magnificent views of the hills around the area. As we stopped for the morning coffee break 2 members were so cold that they returned down the hill to the car park.  I contacted Michael in the office to keep a look out for them and they returned safely to their car.

We passed a large group of ramblers from the Walking Festival in the area having their lunch and who were amazed that we were up there in the hills with them.  I did wonder if we too should return but our group wanted to continue despite the weather, so we had a very short lunch break and  continued down the hill with the sun starting to poke through the low clouds giving a glimpses of the beautiful scenery.

When we returned to the courtyard out came the sun, just in time for the very wet group photo call with Michael welcoming us back outside Bowhill House. Judy


Tramper – Designed for Disabled Rambling


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