*October 2019 National Ramble – Chalfont St Giles

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Chalfont St Giles  –  7th Oct, 2019

We negotiated the machinery doing maintenance in the Forestry Car park and nine scooters set off with the forecast sounding fairly dire for the afternoon. However we were pretty lucky- the rain was very light and could mostly be ignored.

The exciting moments of the day included not being able to get the trailer through one of the kissing gates on the South Bucks Way, the ramble leader getting stuck in a hole and only just managing to stay on her Tramper while searching for a suitable bush, a Tramper deciding to go ‘ very slow’ on the uphill slopes and the sight of an interesting variety of farm animals down in a valley, including emu and Shetland ponies.

Ironically the kissing gate which looked the most challenging was no problem.

We were impressed with the patience of several drivers who waited for us all to pass on the sweetly named Bottom House Lane where there were few passing places. Lucy

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