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*Mk2 Tramper Now Sold in West Sussex


Tramper Mk 11 NOW SOLD, age not sure, Serial number 000579.                     

Condition very good, no damage or scuffs to the mudguards, the bonnet is black, with some marks, but no real damage.

Lights, winkers and hazard lights all working.

Batteries less than a year old fitted by Beamer. Had a recent partial service. Mechanically in good working order.

Charger the latest 10 amp version from Beamer. Fitted with a standard type tow ball.

A nice inscription on the bonnet: “You can go Fast, I can go Anywhere” –  so true.

Being used regularly. Only selling because I have updated to a Mk11B fitted with LIthium batteries by Beamer to give me more reach for my wildlife photography.

Price £2,250 (the latest Mk11C costs about £6,500 new)