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*April 19 National Ramble – Calke Abbey Leicestershire

Calke Abbey – 9th April                  To see more photos, click here

On a chilly overcast morning, we set off towards the Abbey for a photo call before leaving the traffic onto the grassy pathways uphill towards the Tramway Trail which was built between 1799 and 1802.  Coffee was at the top of the hill near Middle Lodge close to the bluebell wood, where the sun started to shine.  Then heading north towards Ticknall, we turned sharply left, downhill onto the Tramway Trail where tonnes of stone was previously transported by horses from Ticknall to Ashby returning with, coal and merchandizes.

After lunch, we continued along the trail before climbing steeply through the woods to farmland.  Here we needed the walkers to help with a broken down tramper pushing/pulling it up 2 hills onto the flat – not an easy task.  After regrouping we decided that this tramper would return to the car park downhill with Bernard, the remainder of the group went uphill towards the deer barn and church where another tramper starter to falter.  So, it was decided at the church that we turn left and catch up with the smaller group and also return to the car park.   Judy