TWS Tramper & Trailer Now Sold in Hampshire £4,500

Now Sold Tramper TWS Class 3

Chassis No. 15XTWS0160

Colour Silver & Green

Registration No. HJ16 JRX

First registered to me, the only owner, 3rd February 2016

Original equipment included a high back adjustable seat, a walking stick holder and a stainless steel eye to attach/guide a dog lead. I added a high viz bag behind the seat, a cargo net on the foot plate and a waterproof cover for the seat for use when towing in bad weather.

In the first two years I participated in a few relatively local rambles with DR but from 2018, the scooter was used mainly for rambles with Hampshire Roamability and exercising our dog in the New Forest. Over the last two years it has been hardly used at all. The photo of the rear tyre shows little signs of wear as the scooter has had very little use, although it has given much enjoyment.

The batteries (36v 60amp) have always been kept on charge as recommended and it has been stored undercover in our garage along with the trailer.  

The trailer, identification no. TRAMPER2016X00066, was given It’s individual approval certificate on 27th April 2016 and was bought from Beamer on, 10th May 2016. It was designed to take either the TWS or the 4 wheel Tramper and again, has had little use. It is fitted with a Bulldog wheel clamp for extra security.
Price for scooter and trailer £4,500.

Now Sold

Tramper – Designed for Disabled Rambling


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