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Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Access to the Countryside for All. You do not need to be disabled.

Membership runs from 1st January each year. Anyone joining after 1st October will have their membership automatically renewed free of charge for the following year. Membership for 2020 is £25.  Note: due to Covid-19, all those joining or rejoining in 2020 will continue as members through to the end of 2021.

Attending rambles cost £8 per ramble for people using mobility scooters.
Walkers are free and very welcome.

Loan scooters (Trampers) are available on many rambles (but only on our rambles).  Transporting, maintaining and insuring these scooters involves a large annual cost, so we make a charge of £20 per day towards this cost, though more is always very welcome.

Private advertising on the News & For Sale Page costs £50 for up to two months. If you have been a member for over one year, then this is waived. Tramper sales are our speciality, often selling within 3 weeks.  

Sponsorship by commercial companies is very welcome.  We ask for £250 for 12 months for a link on our Links page.

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