2012 Autumn Colours

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  1. Val Rawlings

    Hi everyone, Have been away since HRA’s two rambles a week ago, but just want to say how much I enjoyed seeing you all. I really must apologise once more for the discrepancy in the distance,this must be put down to a “clerical error” in this instance, but won’t happen again. My thanks to all you wonderful walkers for staggering an extra 3 or more miles without too much moaning! Greatly appreciated, especially when unexpected. I hope seeing horses, donkeys, cattle, piglets and the wonderful scenery in the Forest made up for those poor tired legs. Thanks loads. xx Val

  2. Jim & Dorothy Mills

    We hadn’t expected quite such a long ramble but were so nicely led by Val that it seemed much shorter than 8.5 miles. We really enjoyed the beautiful autumn scenery made so spectacular by the dry sunny weather. We safely negotiated some wet rutted soft ground in some shady woodland but mostly we were out on the open heathland and firm tracks. The lunch stop near Lyndhurst was very picturesque & out of the warm breeze so plenty of time for a chat. Many thanks to the organizers, to Robin for providing the “essential” services & also to Louise for keeping an eagle eye on Mike L to avoid a repeat of the Punchbowl episode!! We were also grateful to The Happy Cheese who opened their parking area to us & where many of us enjoyed a meal in the evening.

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