2012 Cow Close Fell

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  1. Val Rawlings

    I would also like to thank and congratulate the “Higgi” team. On HRA’s Isle of Wight holiday this year Stuart and Jan were really helpful and invaluable, and although I haven’t met the other “half” I look forward to doing so in the future. Having looked through the photos of the Northern Tour I am even more sorry I couldn’t attend, it looks superb and you all seem to have had a lovely, if wet, time. I notice the going is quite challenging! Now I have cross country tyres on my Supersport I hope I can manage better!

  2. Jim & Dorothy Mills

    We know that “Higgi” was particularly grateful to his local team of helpers who accompanied him, enabling him to go on rambles that otherwise he would have had to decline. He would have been so proud to know that his team had continued to participate, helping other DR members over difficult stretches & having a general chat along the way. As already recorded he knew that the enjoyment he gained from rambling with our group helped keep at bay the progress of his enemy as well as add to his circle of friends. His consultant was continually surprised when he passed each revised “Sell by date”!! His humour & caring presence are greatly missed but while we are rambling & enjoying the DR experience he will not be forgotten.

  3. Sue Raymond

    So happy to see Team Higgi presented with the Wenman Trophy. I think they really deserve it as they are always ready to help. They have helped me on rambles and shown great kindness when I have been a bit scared. Wish I could have been there in person to give a big cheer. Love to you all. Sue.

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